Openness and Creative Work

My project for this Open Scholarship learning community has combined to of some of my favorite things – open access and creative visual design.  I’ve created an Open Resources subject guide, which directs Muhlenberg Trexler Library users to information about creative commons and resources that are in the public domain in hopes that people will be inspired to create derivative work to express themselves.  This subject guide is a work in progress, but is available and has been shared with documentary storytelling students who were excited about the potential of public domain artifacts.

I’ve also created posters in collage style in order to emphasize the use of public domain work.  These are available on the guide.  In the future, they will be shared with Librarian Design Share, a repository of library-related projects, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license for other libraries to use.  Others should feel free to print and hang these posters wherever they please!

I have also created a zine with the same intent, to encourage use of public domain work and understanding of creative commons.  It is completely absurd and contains my partner’s dreams, conversations I have had that I think are funny, and emails between myself and my friends.  I’ve talked to my friends about this project and they are all excited to contribute in the future, so perhaps the content won’t continue to be random and strange.  However, it will continue with education of creative commons licensing and public domain content as a core function of its creation.

This has been a wonderful community.  I joined this learning community as a new hire and have had a wonderful time getting to know the participants as we have drawn each other into conversations related open scholarship.  Many thanks to Ben for all of the work he’s done in organizing, facilitating, and encouraging the work!

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