Group Meetings

We will have four group meetings in the fall of 2017. For each of these sessions, we will read a set of works on topics related to open scholarship.  These readings are intended to provoke questions, not be a summary or catch-all of scholarship about open scholarship. I have tried to organize the topics for Fall 2017 so that each session deals with topics participants discussed in their individual applications. Openness itself is not linear (indeed, it may be fundamentally nonlinear or even anti-linear), so while we will try to stay on topic, I expect our discussions to be recursive (in the sense of returning to core questions frequently, but from different angles). In selecting these readings, for obvious reasons, I tried to use only those that are openly available.

Recommendations for readings from participants are especially appreciated.  

Links for each meeting are in the menu at the top of the page.

A description of the session assignment is here.