photo by Amy Thibodeau CC BY 2.0

Final Project Description

FLC on Open Scholarship

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Goal: The goal of this assignment is to provide participants with a space to work on their own open scholarship. It is intended to benefit the creator AND the other participants. Open scholarship is an extremely broad concept. As such, the work of individual participants in this FLC will vary greatly.

Assignment: The final assignment should be a digital object or combination of such (pictures, words, videos, maps, etc.) that demonstrates the application of open scholarship- what you have learned in the FLC and beyond. This object should be something that we can share openly on our website, however, while openly sharing this document is part of the FLC, it is not required- for example, you may be working on a draft of an article and not yet ready to share it openly. You will, of course, need to share it with other participants. These may be a plan for action.

Examples. These are based upon my own work, yours will obviously be very different.

  • A plan for data curation- from collection to submission to an open data platform.
  • A plan for data collection using only open source software (and hardware?)
  • A draft of an article documenting community-based data collection in the field.
  • A document describing the organization and publication of an OER textbook.
  • An assessment of OER v. traditional textbooks for one of your courses.
  • A map that aggregates, produced using open tools and that utilizes open and/or collected data.
  • A plan to move your courses from closed (i.e., in Canvas) to more openly available.
  • A plan of how to encourage openness at Muhlenberg (within your department, or…)
  • An assessment of online mapping tools for your particular goals.
  • A summary or literature review of open scholarship within your field.
  • A plan for moving your data from closed to open.

Schedule: There will be too meetings in the Spring- one early (Jan/Feb) and one late (April/ May). These will be scheduled once faculty schedules for the Spring are available.

Due dates:

  • Proposal- last meeting of the fall semester.
  • Final meeting- final project due one week before meeting.