Project Status

There is something about the multiple warnings received prior to downloading free software that gives me pause, and the pause leads to procrastination. Finally, I am neck deep in the QGIS tutorial and I find it both simple and aesthetically pleasing. I definitely see the potential to introduce this program to students, but need to continue to make the transition from user to producer. My project vision at the beginning of this FLC has morphed, not insignificantly, to something less impressive but hopefully more sustainable. In short, I haven’t introduced this revelatory open source software to my current student cohort. This has as much to do with class dynamics and capabilities as it does with timing. I haven’t obtained new data to incorporate into QGIS, and the excuse on this end is the consistently nightmarish weather patterns disrupting any and all plans I make with Ben and the Emlid GNSS. I don’t count the project as a loss, as I do have a functional understanding of the time and steps required to introduce a QGIS tutorial during a laboratory/class setting, and intend to hone my skills with both data accumulation and integration into the software program throughout the summer months.

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